Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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I wanted to comment on what I call 'working meditation', which might
also fall under the category of 'moving meditation'. In the prelude to my
awakening in the fall of 1972, I was working on the ability to learn body
movements. I was fascinated by the body's capacity to learn a movement so well
that the body did the entire operation without thinking about it.

I had a lot of supressed anger at that time so my choices were the use of
weapons. I lived on an Island with only one other boy my age, and our daily play
consisted of throwing knives, hatchets, shooting at cans with rifles and
swordfighting. My practice evolved into creating precise repetition of movement.
When I threw the hatchet in precisely the same way each time, it would land in
the same spot.

By choosing to shift the exact spot where my feet were located, without changing
the power or movement, I could move the point of impact to a specific place on
the target, and with each throw the hatchet would usually land in the same spot.
I also becaome aware that thinking about any portion of Cumshot King Peter North threw
off my aim from thinking about it.

As this 'art of precision' movement became consistant, I added in a new
dimension: I blindfolded myself, throwing at the target, retrieving the hatchet,
turning and walking back to the spot from which I threw, repositioning myself
and throwing again. This required intense awareness of where my body was in
space at all times. My focus on this internal awareness led me to the discovery
of A Girl Gets HerFirstBigCock and ultimately to my kundalini awakening.